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The annual post season awards were recently announced:
 “The Ostys”
Moment - NCAA Selection Show 
Bus Driver – Beany Smith 
City – Las Vegas, NV
Pre Game Meal – Mystic Marriott (UConn)
Pep Band – Tiger Pep Band (Memphis)
Mascot – Butler Blue (Butler)
Arena – T Mobile Arena (Las Vegas, NV)
Hotel – Hilton Resort (Bimini)
Best Win – North Carolina
Toughest Loss - @ UConn
Biggest Play – K. Laksa - 3 pointer vs Missouri
Referee Crew – Dee Kantner, Geraldine Smith, Joe Vaszily
Anouncer - Beth Mowins & Kara Lawson
Table Crew – Tulsa
Cheerleaders/Dance Team – UNLV
Dinner - Dragos - New Orleans, LA  
All Opponent Team - N. Collier - UConn (39 pts, 12 reb, 4 blk), J. Kovatch - St. Francis PA (37 pts), A. Gregory - UCF (34 pts), M. HInes-Allen - Louisville (27 pts, 12 reb), K.L. Samuelson (40 pts 10/10 from 3)
Funniest Moment - Coach Huang falling asleep in film in Bimini 

The “Ostys” were created in 2006 and the awards can NOT be given to the host university or any affliation there of.

Developing the Inside - Brett Ledbetter

'Ode To Joy' Flash Mob in Barcelona Spain

Claim Your Dream ~ Denzel Washington

Ryder Cup Sunday ~ National Anthem

The Man in the Red Bandana ~ a 9/11 Tribute Video 

ArmyFootball Locker Room after a win ~ Video 

Coach K & his Boat


Adrian Wojnarowsi's Podcast with Chris Heren

Walk-on Duke Football Player Getting A Scholarship 

A Soldier Coming Home

An Amazing Finish to a Game

Ballin' On Strangers Video

Dr. J - Top 10 Dunks

Kevin Durant at Rucker Park

Stephen Curry Video Tribute

Spurs - ' A Beautiful Game'  Video and the Best of Coach Pop Video

The Cultural Transformation of Notre Dame

Dean Smith's Final Gesture

Harvard Rowing Coach Harry Parker Video


An Amazing Tribute During A Garth Brooks Concert

The Man in the Red Bandana

Mother Theresa & Dr. Lombardi Video ... amazing


Chillin4Charity Video

Coach K, Team USA Visit West Point 

What We Can Learn from the Miracle 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

by Charlie Adams

US Marines - Who Are We

The 30 Best Basketball Commercials - EVER

The Man in the Mirror - The Hip Hop Preacher

USF Women's Basketball Intro Video

Kevin Durant - What's Your Why

2008 Olympic Basketball Standards & Values

Best College Basketball Chants

Rick Majerus Presser Video Mixture

An Amazing Catch in Wiffle Ball

 A Great Video Tribute to Stereotypes in Basketball

Tampa's Own Big Game Hunter - Rob Higgins     by Greg Auman

Are You Tough?

Maggie Dixon Video

A Tribute to My Former Boss - Coach Rick Majerus  by Paul Biancardi

Coach Rick Majerus - Press Conference

Taylor University - Silent Night Tradition

The Law of Victory   -  Ray Lewis

 A Soldier's Dog Welcomes Him Home

LSU Coach Les Miles - Press Conference

Do You Need To Make  A Change In Your Life

Steve Shenbaum with Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats 

Special Team ~ Chy Johnson       by Rick Reilly

2012 - 2013 Men's Basketball Television Schedule

Hurricane Sandy - Video Timeline

Doc Rivers - "Buying In"

The Hip Hop Preacher ~ Eric Thomas ... a great message for any student-athlete


A video tribute to Steve Jobs

 2 minute video of rebuilding World Trade Center

 "Guts" ... an exciting card game

Eulogy of Fr. Mychal Judge (after September 11- preached  by Fr. Michael Duffy) ... great insight and very powerful

 'You Are the Cheese to My Macaroni" ... just read it & it will make you smile

Randy Pausch's - Last Lecture

 A Game of Honor - Army vs Navy Football (a video preview of an upcoming docu-drama)

 Changing the World ... Hope 4 Girls - Mobolaji Akiode

 (I was fortunate to coach her at Fordham University, & look at her now)

Get Inspired !!!   A video by Eric Thomas - The Secret to Success

An AMAZING video on ex Secret Service Agent / Marine  - Major Tom Armas (Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to watch, and then thank God for making people like Tom)

A wonderful speech from Michigan State Quarterback Kirk Cousins at the NCAA Kickoff Luncheon

 State of Mind

The Serenity Prayer

Eric LeGrand Leads Rutgers Onto Field      by Kieran Darcy 




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